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Week 8: RE:Proposal

My original idea was to grow a book from mycelium and that has not changed. The initial proposal lacked substance, both for the project and for the book itself. “What is the book about?’ was a question that plagued me since I decided on this project, a conceptual gap that was never fully bridged. For me, it was like discovering an interesting technique, yet not knowing how exactly to apply it to my work in a meaningful way.


Week 7: Contextualizing CRISPR

Sam explained to us last Monday how CRISPR works. He briefly illustrated the mechanism behind the biotech apparatus for gene editing with straightforward diagrams and labels devoid of scientific jargon. Though his explanations were clear, he did not have the time to cover the a full biology course worth of material on genetics and molecular biology. Some of his descriptions require a certain level of prior knowledge.

Week 6 - Building Blocks

In the past week, we looked at building blocks: DNA, the building blocks of life, and atoms, the building blocks of nature. When thinking science, a reductionist view always seems to dominate, looking at the roots of any phenomenon through the lenses of its most fundamental components. We find our explanations there before slowly building up knowledge and ascending into complexity. This core of understanding was where we found ourselves at in the midst of week six.

Week 4 - On Books

Just through looking at the brief descriptions of each “book,” I was already able to tell that the UCLA Biomedical Library holds a collection of dedicated passions condensed into the art book forms. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend our class visit to witness and engage with each item. However, and fortunately so, I had the opportunity of going to the LA Arts Book Fair two weeks earlier.

Week 1: Blog 1 - GMO and Grain

Week 1: Blog 1 – GMO and Grains

I am Stephan Xie, a sophomore DMA student looking to double major/minor in cognitive science. As the intersection point of neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and other fields in both the humanities and sciences, cognitive science is a vast area of study relating to the human mind.

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