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Week 9: Studio Time

This week, during studio time, I did more research on my project topic. Because I am researching about agriculture’s water usage and impact on our daily lives, I wanted to inform users about the context surrounding certain foods. This class, I focused my research on the almond industry. It was interesting to learn more about almonds because I love eating almonds but I did not know much about their impact, history, or production.

Week 8: Kaitlin Bryson & Project Update

Project update

This week in class, I enjoyed getting familiar with the works of our guest lecturer, Kaitlin Bryson. It was really helpful seeing her work as it perfectly aligned with our class goal and the final project. It gave me a better reference as to how artists, who are trying to limit their waste, produce their next artwork. My favorite works she presented were her mycelium pillow and the work she did with students in Nepal.

Week 7: Guest lecture

This week in class, we had the honor of learning more about bio and non-tech from two amazing guest lecturers, Sam and Paul. It was interesting to learn about both their research. What particularly stood out to me was Sam’s research about fruit flies. I thought the research involving the fruit flies stuck upside down with a paper of sort on their legs was very fascinating. This led them to believe they are on the ground.


This week in class, we covered a lot of interesting material. We delved deeper into CRISPR/genetic engineering and learned about different peculiar artists that merge themselves with animals. We also started learning about nano-bio through the lens of the Professor’s history. We also got to visit the Noise Aquarium which I was excited about as in the previous blog I mentioned that I want to experience the installation in person.

Week 5: Presentations

I was really excited to hear everyone’s midterm presentations this week as I got to know the different topics each and every student cares about. Everyone’s presentation inspired me and I can’t wait to see everyone’s final product because there were many wide varieties of projects with thought-provoking ideas.

Week 4: Biomedical Library

This week, we looked at different projects and books in class and from the biomedical library. I am glad we were able to take a look at these project because they were inspiring and showed me that a book is more than just bound paper with words inside. From the class lecture, there were a lot of projects I was intrigued by such as Juvenile in Justice by Richard Ross.

Week 3: Plastic

Professor Sarah Dudas decided to challenge herself by documenting every plastic she touches. Just within one day, she managed to compile 129 images, which meant she touched 129 plastic objects within 24 hours. While she was giving her talk, I became curious about how many plastic objects I had. Just by scanning the surface of my table, I counted at least 38 plastic objects; the majority of it I do not use on a daily basis.

Week 2: Hox Zodiac

The zodiac has always been a large part of my culture. Every year, during new years, my mom will decorate the house with the Chinese zodiac and we will always become excited about which animal of the year it is. For Asians that celebrate the Chinese zodiac, it is a major part of our upbringing: learning one another’s zodiac was a fun way to gain insight about others’ personalities and we would competitively compare whose zodiac was better.

Week 1: Workshop

In Linda Weintraub’s workshop, I learned about what it means to be an eco material artist. These artists respond to Weintraub's question “what's next?”, by “presenting materiality as a strategy to convert society’s environmental neglect into responsible stewardship”. It was interesting to listen and work hands-on with these presenters as they taught about eco materialism and how it ties into contemporary art.

Week 1: Grain

Hi everyone! I am Ann Suzuki, a third-year undergraduate DESMA major currently working towards being a film minor. I still don’t really have a focus yet but here are a few types of designs I gravitate towards: entertainment design, set design, motion graphics, and stop motion. To be honest, I am entering this class as a complete novice - I am by no means an expert or even a slight bit knowledgeable about Nano and Biotech but I am curious to learn more.

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