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Rough Draft for Final Paper-The Intersection of Communication and Identity

For my chapter, I would like to focus on the concept of "Communication," especially in terms of "Identity," for my part of the human experience.  I would like to build off of my own research that I did for my Honors Thesis and bring it into the biotech world, to make it both more accessible and modern.

Plasma and Invisible Strings

Walter Gekelman's talk was a really interesting and exciting to listen to. He took what could have been an incredibly overwhelming topic and made it approachable and simple. But that did not make any of what he said any less impressive and humbling. Just the sheer scale of what he was describing was so overwhelming to me, so beyond the scope of the every day human experiences.

Biosecurity or Anti-Immigration?

For this week's blog, I read Gwen D'Arcangelis' article, "Chinese Chickens, Ducks, Pig, and Human, and the Technoscientific Discourses of the Global U.S. Empire." I am currently also enrolled in another Honors course entitled Plague Culture, in which we have been investigating the various images and discourses surrounding plague and other devastating epidemics.

Animals, the Zodiac, and Hox Genes, Oh my!

I really enjoyed this lecture and the concepts behind the Hox Zodiac exhibit/dinners, because of how they highlighted the importance of animals in human society.  I especially liked the TedTalk on Pig05049, for this reason. I personally had no idea about how many everyday products are made from some part of a pig. I knew there were quite a few, but never imagined the true scale.  So to see them all mapped out and listed was truly baffling, to say the least. Being a vegetarian, I wish it weren't true.

Art has the answers

While Mick's whole lecture intrigued me, I feel that the idea of environmental Agitation Propaganda especially stood out to me. I feel that half the issue with dealing with environmental issues is that people keep continuing to ignore the fact that something still needs to be done about so many environmental issues caused by pollution.

Week1 Blog

When I first enrolled in this course, I really was unsure of what to expect, so I ended up spending a good deal of time exploring biotechnology and its relationship to art on the internet.  What I mainly came across were the more controversial things, like growing extra ears on rats and human forearms, engineering glowing bunnies, and the artist suspending himself with an array of hooks and wires attached to his body.

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