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Baby Blue Blood; Horseshoe Shoe Crabs & Medicine

Every year thousands of horseshoe crabs are plucked from the seafloor and taken to labs to extract vials of BLUE blood. This valuable liquid has an incredible coagulating property vital to developing vaccines. Within the last year, the demand for this species's blood has risen tremendously and reveals just how dependent we are upon the world's Oceans and the beings that live within them. 

Watch the Radio Lab podcast here!

Check out this GIANT REISHI Mushroom!

Last month my friends and I went on a 14-mile hike through the forest and winding roads of the Oregon coast and we came out with a treasure!! 

This giant Reishi mushroom was spotted by a guest mycologist who found it attached to a rotting tree trunk on the side of the road. Luckily one of our other friends (holding the mushroom in this pic) knew just what to do with it- He took it home to make a potent Reishi Tea, known for its healing, medicinal properties. 

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