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College Signing Day (Michelle Obama) - My experience as a multi-identity Design Media Arts student

I had the honor and privilege of  representing UCLA at this historic event that took place on campus last Thursday. I was asked to give a speech entailing my unique experience as a multi-identity student on campus. It was very powerful to see that number of first-gen students (approximately 90%). Sharing my experience  with them was the most rewarding feeling ever; I truly enjoyed it.

Week 2: Genetics/Biotech - HOX ZODIAC

I found today’s discussion and presentation on the HOX ZODIAC (Based on a Chinese Zodiac) very interesting, because of the recent re-discoveries (interpreted as current advancements) in biotechnology. In this century the connection between living species and organisms is being extremely defined at a global level, and it is becoming more evident and understood as our linear sense of time passes us by.

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