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Final Project Update

During the week, Sebastian and I met through the Zoom meeting to work on the collaboration. We have the same theme for reducing plastic wastes but include two different subtopics. For Sebastian, he will focus on "Reshaping beauty" by creating the make-up product like a concealer without harmful chemical substances. My presentation will be focused on designing the package of the concealer without using the plastic. 

Progress on Final Project

For my final project, I would like to work on the plan that I introduced for the midterm. As a reminder, I was focusing on the seriousness of plastic wastes and a way to use those recycled materials. There are various methods to utilize plastic wastes, such as water bottles or containers, in which they could turn into totally new products.

CRISPR Technology (gene editing therapy)

CRISPR technology, we discussed during the class, was one of the most interesting technologies that can generate and manipulate genes, or gene editing. Through this system, the virus can be removed or can extend one’s life. Ethical concerns are brought up as CRISPR is able to alter human genomes. Even though it is not influential to certain types of cells and tissues, it has a possibility to change egg and sperm cells. This allows altering human’s basic traits, such as height or intelligence (U.S. National Library of Medicine).

(Midterm) Reusing Recycled Materials

For the midterm projects, I wanted to focus on ways to reuse recycled materials. A number of plastics and paper wastes produced everyday world widely and they harm the ecosystem. I saw one video that straw is stuck into a turtle’s nose. This made me realize that a single straw that I use for drinking a cup of coffee from a cafe can be effective for animals from the natural environment. Therefore, I would like to study how those wastes, such as plastics, can reuse in daily life.


Bioluminescent Fungi

As I watched the movie “Fantastic Fungi,” the growth and their process fascinated me. Mostly, mushrooms were made from the dead organisms as they decomposed. However, it was so interesting that new life was born through the deaths. Those mushrooms were so diverse in terms of colors, shapes, and characteristics. Among those various kinds of mushrooms, the fungi that glowed in the dark seemed very interesting and I wanted to know why and how it happened.


Environmental Changes (Air/ Pollution) due to Coronavirus

As we discussed “pollution” in the class, we can link this topic with coronavirus as positive environmental changes are beginning to show these days. As a number of industrial companies are shut down, the air quality of the world gets better as the clear sky can be seen from the satellite.

Especially, there is one report related to the European continent that nitrogen dioxide levels in Europe become lowered. As the images are shown below, NO2 emission (the red part of the map) is shown less in April 2020 compared to 2019.

How Long CORONA-19 Can Stay in the Air

As Coronavirus 19 becomes severe, a whole world is under a state of emergency. About one million eight hundred thousand cases of Coronavirus are shown and one hundred thousand deaths are reported. W.H.O declares COVID-19 as the pandemic and warns people for their safety. Due to this circumstance, most schools are remotely instructed as well as restaurants and other public services are closed. “Social distancing” is emphasized by the government.

Graphite Mining

A pencil is a common tool that people use to write and draw. Since people have been using pencils for a long time, I do not think of specifically about what elements contain in the pencils and how they are made. During the lecture, I want to know about where graphite, a major component of the pencils, comes from. Through the research, I am able to found where and how the graphite is extracted.

Baking a Shuffle Pancake: the roles of Salt

I made a shuffle pancake with wheat flour, eggs, salt, and sugar. I first separated egg whites and yolks into two different bowls. I added salt and sugar after I mixed wheat flour and egg yolks together. I made meringue with egg whites by whisking. When the meringue was almost finished, I carefully added sugar and mixed them together. Lastly, I added the meringue into the bowl of egg yolks, which mixed with wheat flour, salt, and sugar, to make a dough of a shuffle pancake and be ready to put on a frying pan.

Beautiful Maps out of Fungi by the Turkish Bioartist

I found it interesting about the project of maps made out of Fungi by the Turkish bio artist. The behaviors of Fungi are compared to the complexity of the world. The shapes and sizes of the colony alter based on the growth and spread of Fungi and also their interactions. The comparison that she made with Fungi with human interactions generates as a beautiful art piece as well as conveys a meaning behind.



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