Progress on Final Project

For my final project, I'll be expanding on my midterm, which was a design proposal for a Bokashi-style composting bin meant for small spaces and families on a consumer level. For my final project, I'd like to expand on the ideas of compost, waste, and community organization both in a practical and speculative way. 

Summary of Blogs

  Flipping back through all of my old blogs, I found a pattern that was fairly predictable, and greatly explains why I chose the topic I did for my midterm project. Overall, looking at blogs from the class as a whole, there was a large focus on taking the topic of that week and finding artists that would create based around that topic (typically a speculative design).

Group Discussion Response

After many of the discussions the past few weeks regarding the life of plastics, especially in conjunction to the effects of coronavirus, our group talked about many possible solutions for the future for plastic solutions, beyond minimizing consumerism.

(Pollution) Clear skies but full oceans

When it comes to Covid-19 and its effect on pollution, one of the most noticeable factors all over the world has been the decrease in emissions and the visible effect on the quality of the air. However, this doesn't mean that any problems have been solved regarding pollution, and there are many other unseen side effects of the virus regarding waste.

Pencils from Pollution

While looking for interesting information on pencils and how deeply they could be connected to this class, I stumbled upon one of the projects of an artist I had been following who specializes in the exploration of technology and art in ecology.


Of all the grains, I find rice to be the most fascinating, as it's immense versatility is something that can be completely incorporated into every part of life. In Japan, every part of the oryza sativa plant is used, even beyond rice for eating and fermenting into alcohol. Due to it's huge variety of texture depending on the method of processing, it is used to make glues, papers, mats, shoes, and more. 

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