Assignments Guidelines

Assignments: Assignments with viewing of related resources are required for class participation, keeping a a notebook and blog is required the midterm and final projects effectively. Students should work with the professor throughout the quarter regarding their research topics for the midterm and final projects.

Research Notebook & Blogs: Students will keep an active physical notebook and write blogs related to the topics covered and comment on their peers’ blogs. Specifically, you will be looking at the daily news and / or researching books or other resources related to the subject. The blog will be reviewed weekly and graded according to content adequacy and research involved. Blogs should include scans from related notebook pages and be reflective of the understanding of the material presented in the lectures and readings. Each blog should be between no less than 500 - 1000 words and you are required to have at least 3 embedded images and/or videos, 5 sources/links each and citation of the resources. Your weekly blog should be posted no later than Tuesday at 11:59 pm of each week.

Midterm and Final

Midterm: Students will prepare a proposal for a project / prototype based on material that was discussed in weeks 1-4. All proposals will be submitted as a PowerPoint or Google slide presentation using a template provided by the Professor. All presentations must include notes which explain the images used and sources citation. Examples from previous years are provided on the course website.

The objective for the midterm project is to develop a project prototype that covers the concept that interested you most and how you see it applied in practice in a proposed project. The midterm is a 10 page presentation and a design prototype that can also be physical. Students are required to post their Midterm Presentation in PDF format by Tuesday at 11:59 pm. 

Final: Students will pick topics to write about and independently or together create a project that can be shared online. 

It is OK to reference movies and books but you are still required to include at least one scientist / media artist / designer related to the innovation and or topic you are writing about. Have at least 10 direct references and 20 in your bibliography.

Additionally -- compile all of your blogs into one document, write a paragraph summary about what you have been writing, learning / save as a PDF and upload.

A final letter grade is based on the assignments (midterm project—20%, blog journal -- 30%, final project—30%, class participation + attendance + effort – 20%—extra blogging and attendance of online events -- up to 10 extra points, 

Final Upload Guidelines