Week 9: still working on projects :)

Week 9 was dedicated to finishing our projects in class and having opportunities to get feedback from the TA and Kaitlin. Thankfully my proposal to change my project from the dual screen device to a set of postcards was me with approval and I began work on creating short video works that could be activated via the Artivive AR app. My focus will have to be on rising sea levels, animal welfare, and air pollution as the Artivive service only allows me to create three artworks for free before requiring me to subscribe at an unreasonably steep price.

Week 8: Projects

During Week 8, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with a guest speaker Kaitlin Bryson. We all reviewed each other's progress on our projects and I found this time valuable to reflect on my own project as well as be inspired by others' processes and progress. I wasn't present for the second class but the time I did spend was valuable in continuing to hone down my project's focus and redefine it from a digital screen experience into a printed postcard + augmented reality one.

Week 7: CRISPR

During Week 7, we began focusing on the role of genetics and genetic engineering - specifically in CRISPR, a recently discovered innovative technology that may be (or is already) the key to changing life as we know it. CRISPR allows us to manipulate specific genomes within the genetic code of things such as plants, animals, and even humans.

Week 8

Last week as I scrambled around preparing for my fashion show, I spent a large portion of that time contemplating the meaning of my work.  I have always had a difficult time articulating my ideas but for some reason this project gave me considerable trouble. For me, getting dressed in the morning is one of the many procedural steps necessary to begin the day.  In a sense my clothing is a reflection of how I am feeling.

CRISPR Technology

This week, we discussed CRISPR technology, something I had never seen or heard of before. Because this topic was completely new to me, I was extremely captivated and interested by the lecture. CRISPR essentially “allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function.

Week 6 : The Noise Aquarium Installation

This week, we visited the ArtSci installation entitled, The Noise Aquarium. Entering the simulated experience was extremely intense. The noises were very loud and the screen was eerie. The experience was also interactive for its audience as a person could step on a pad and balance to better understand noise pollution and micro plastics that flood the ocean. The entire set-up was very immersive and almost surreal. I could tell a lot of work had been put in to really affect the viewer as they entered.

Week 4 : Biomedical Library + Project Ideas

This week was extremely fun as we visited the Biomedical Library to view a variety of different ornaments, books, toys, posters, and artifacts. Russell showed us a drug abuse chart from the 1970’s that outlined all the different types of drugs and the effects they have on your brain. He also showed books created by artists that were very meticulously crafted and beautiful. One of the books was made entirely out of lead that I found incredibly interesting and another out of plastic.


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