Week 2 : Hox Zodiac

For the second week of class, we focused on the Hox Zodiac as it ties to Chinese culture. We discussed every animal on the chart along with its connection to each student in the classroom. Each animal has different characteristics that pertain to different traits of every individual under that sign.

Week 8

Week eight of class had us showcase our progress in the projects we are working on. We received feedback from everyone and also the guest speaker Kaitlin Bryson. I really enjoyed viewing everyone's progress in their project and also gave me ideas on what specific direction I wanted my own project to head towards.

Week 7

Week seven of class we discussed about CRISPR technology along with guest speaker Sam who gave a talk about his experience with this technology. CRISPR technology is a powerful tool for editing genomes that is very easy to use and allows researchers to analyze and modify DNA sequences and gene functions.

Politics of Writing in Blood

As I have researched my Final Project of creating printer ink from my own actual blood I discovered a ton of information concerning the politics of blood writing. Blood as a medium has always been confronted with issues such as the binding of contacts and making pacts with entities but one particular option that I found interesting was the use of blood to cement immortality through a socio religious means in a totalitarian political regime. The book I am referring to was written by Saddam Hussein and it was the Holy Koran.

Bread + I am Jimmy

My name is Jimmy Zhi, and I am interested in learning about different unconventional materials for my art practices. I am extremely intrigued by learning more about the invisible and how we are leaving our polluting footsteps without knowing because pollutants are not tangible.


Genetic Transhumanism

Like all things encased in science there tends to be a devotion amongst its believers to follow epochs of fantasy and in the science of Genetic engineering it is no different. From the beginning of time fiction has been delving into what it means to manipulate the makeup of our human species in alignment with its cause to make something for which it feels obligated to perfect. The ancient myths even allow for the mutations of other species to be elevated as god forms each within there specific canons.

Final Project_CRISPR

GMO (Genetic Modified Organisms) have been known for a while, but a lot of us do not know that CRISPR food are on our dinner tables as well. CRISPR stands for “clusters of regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”, and it is a technology where scientists use the protein Cas-9 to alter certain genes in a genome which finishes the “gene-editing” (Vidyasagar).

Final Project Prototype

For my final project, I attempted to build a biodegradable PCB (Printed Circuit Board) using banana fibers and wheat gluten according to a process described by researchers in the Jyothy Institute of Technology of Bangaluru (1). According to their research and experiments, this combination of materials gave results up to the standards required for PCB while being a sustainable alternative. Banana fiber is one of the strongest naturally occurring fibers (2).


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