Week 10: Final Blog

Week 10 of class everyone presented their final projects to the class while also receiving further feedback. My final project had transformed from my initial idea of creating a mushroom book that would act as codex for different kinds of mushrooms while having 2 kinds of illustrations with a page of information about said mushroom. So after that, my final project became somewhat the same idea but transforming them into collectible cards. Changing my project to this idea gave me so much creative freedom because there was so many routes to take in creating these cards. Ultimately, I decided to illustrate each mushroom in a cute cartoon like manner because I wanted this to be one of the main points that would attract individuals to the cards. The mushrooms in the cards are each given a certain style that would act as their personality to help people remember in identifying them. The card would also feature basic information for each mushroom such as habitat, characteristics, uses, and an interesting fact.

The feedback I received was very helpful because the cards are still at the first stage of its creation so many new changes could and will occur as time progresses. What was brought up from my peers was perhaps changing up the information to be more based on a card game with mechanics involving abilities, attacks, combinations etc. I really liked this idea because I love games and this really attracted my attention. I do think this is the direction I want to take after this presentation because I could see it having so much potential. Another comment made was perhaps making this a digital game too that would add another layer of depth because it would be on the go with people and their phones similar to Pokemon Go. I also really liked this idea because it would open up a new medium with animation, visuals and a digital aspect to be taken everywhere anytime. Furthermore, another idea brought up was trying to push this unification of cards with one another to replicate the idea that everything is linked to one another. I think this might be a challenge but a very interesting idea that I would like to explore more with my  project.

Overall, I enjoyed everyone’s project and what everyone had to say on their on subjects from what we learned throughout the quarter. It was really interesting seeing how everyone’s project was unique with different approaches to the ideas we learned. In the end, I really liked the outcome of my project and I want to continue developing it in my own free time to see how it grows.


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