Before the lecture on Tuesday I never questioned about the how pencils are made. Pencils is something we grew up with without questioning anything about it. It's been something that always there. After the lecture I looked up for the first time what the process is like to make a pencil. I have linked the video below that I found that was very interesting by showing the process of how these pencils are made. I also did some research to gather more information about how its made. So with the chink of graphite and clay they are usually placed in a rotating drum then a huge rock inside will crush the graphite making it into a fine power. Then with water being added it starts to mix the powder and the water together for up to three to four days. Then after three- four days pass the machine will squeeze the water out of the mixture to leave a gray sludge behind. Then it takes another three to four days for the gray sludge to dry out. After when that is all dried out and gets harden then it needs to be placed in an oven that is heated up to 1,9000 degrees. With the strong heat it will make the gray sludge softer and harder. Then with the wood and glue place the gray sludge together with the wood. Then with a machine cut each wood and gray sludge to separate pencils. Then after with the color powder the machine will be able to make pencils with different color designs. Basically when that process is over then you have a pencil. 

With different methods different pencils will be made. But that was just a very simple and basic way of making a pencil. All pencils have different designs which will mean that there was an adjustment in making the pencil. I had never known that there was so much process into making such a simple pencil. After watching the video and seeing some articles about what it takes to make a pencil it really changes my perspective on a pencil. I never would have thought it would take that many days in order to create a pencil. There are different designs of pencils, different volume of led, and different ways pencils are made (for example, either soft of hard pencils). 


Here are just some cute pictures of pencils that I found on Google. :) 
This video demonstrates the process of a pencil being made. I wrote the description about the process that is happening in the video above. Even though it's just a pencil seeing the process of how these pencils are made and the complexly of making a pencil really was fascinating. Its amazing how something so simple like a pencil can be so complicated like the process.