(AIR) Connection Between Air Pollution and Covid19 Death Rates

Recently a student in Harvard School of Public Heath has did a research on how the air pollution can affect the death rates for covid19 patients. Through the research they were able to find a connection between the air pollution and the death rates as the higher rates of air pollution the changes of deaths were higher to the patients of coronavirus.  From the research the John Blair who is the president of Valleywatch said that in order "to protect the public health" of those who tested positive to this virus they must also protect the "environment of the Ohio Valley." From the research the study showed that with the bad air pollution if the patient that was tested positive to this virus is exposed to this bad air then their death risk will only increase as it will affect their lungs as they will have a harder time breathing. So in order to keep the death rates lower it is so important to keep the air clean for the patients of coronavirus. The research team at Harvard University has also stated that the average rate of death from covid19 will lower with fresh air compared to those city with bad air pollution. Staying home is not only to prevent oneself from getting the virus but also for the environment and the community. Which is why it is so important to stay home. 






These two videos above talks about the relationship between the bad air pollution and the affect to those who tested positive to this virus. Staying home is so important as it will slower the chance of people getting this virus. There has also been some studies that show how the environment is getting better as people are staying home. There are news about how the air pollution has gotten better and the ocean is getting cleaner. It is important to stay home until all of this virus is over. Staying home will protect you, your friends, your family, your community, and the world that you live in. 

These are some photos that I found on Google that I wanted to share with you guys. 

This image shows how the pollution has changed in China as cities went on lockdown due to the virus. 

This image shows how the quaratine has helped improve the air quality. 

This image shows how covid-19 death rate rises in counties with high air pollution. 




This video shows how by being locked down in China how the pollution has changed due to the coronavirus. 


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