Environmental Changes (Air/ Pollution) due to Coronavirus

As we discussed “pollution” in the class, we can link this topic with coronavirus as positive environmental changes are beginning to show these days. As a number of industrial companies are shut down, the air quality of the world gets better as the clear sky can be seen from the satellite.

Especially, there is one report related to the European continent that nitrogen dioxide levels in Europe become lowered. As the images are shown below, NO2 emission (the red part of the map) is shown less in April 2020 compared to 2019.

Also, I found the news related to Mount Everest that as the air quality becomes better, people can see Mount Everest, which was hidden from the polluted air. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, China bans people from climbing Mount Everest. The recovery period of Mount Everest brings huge changes in terms of not only mountain tourism but also for the environment.

New roads, public disposals, and other services for mountain climbers are created. Also, environments, including nature, plants, and air quality, begin to recover to its original state.

Despite the tragedy of Coronavirus, some positive news brings up. The shutdown due to Coronavirus might be hard time for people, but this rest results in an optimistic sign in the environment.