Bioluminescent Fungi

As I watched the movie “Fantastic Fungi,” the growth and their process fascinated me. Mostly, mushrooms were made from the dead organisms as they decomposed. However, it was so interesting that new life was born through the deaths. Those mushrooms were so diverse in terms of colors, shapes, and characteristics. Among those various kinds of mushrooms, the fungi that glowed in the dark seemed very interesting and I wanted to know why and how it happened.


There were many types of bioluminescent fungi, such as panels stipticus, Armillaria gallica, and etc. When I researched about those mushrooms, they showed a common feature, in which they glowed green light in the dark.

According to research, the purpose of luminosity was to spread the spores by attracting insects with the light. Especially, the process of germination became active during the night and humid area. In terms of biology, some chemical reactions were occurred between “luciferin” and “luciferase.” Those chemical molecules helped living organisms to glow the light.


Once again, it was surprising that the substance like fluorescent elements could be formed as the fungi were growing. Their complex systems formed a new life from the deaths.