Progress on Final Project

As a refresher, my project deals with building out a sustainable beauty product, free of the toxic compounds that damage the skin, that will then be packaged using mycelium to reduce the great plastic pollution problem that permeates our society today. Through this process of giving makeup a cleaner look and feel, this proposal strives to refind our natural balance.

Today during class, I spent time conducting more research on makeup for my final project. I looked at the harmful drawbacks of some of the most widely used chemicals of the industry: parabens, PEGs, talc, butylated compounds, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, etc. I expanded upon my initial research on why these chemicals are used, their dangerous effects, and possible natural alternative products that are already present in the market.

Given that this project's focus will be on concealer, I was able to find some natural based concealers that are not only a heathy alternative, but also are effective in actually being able to cover blemishes or other scars. Some examples include Vapour Organic Beauty's Illusionist Concealer, W311 People Bio's Concealer, and Rejuva Mineral's Powder. Ultimately, I want to see common components that are found in all of these like products to be able to recreate my own sustainable concealer that would be wrapped in mycelium packaging. I found thus far that an underlying element in these natural concealers has been some form of essential oils, such as frankincense, tulsi, and lotus. 

Given that most of my investigation thus far has been focused on the toxic chemicals component of makeup, the bulk of my continuing researching will shift in focus to the natural alternatives, targeting how I could create my own unique product.