Blog Summary

After looking back at my blogs for the past eight weeks I saw that there were many times where I either did further research about a topic that was given during class or did a research about an artist that focused on one of our topics. I talked about an bioartist using yeast to create vanishing photographs, I talked about rice and how rice plays such a big role in my Korean culture, how pencils are made, the connection between air pollution and covid 19 death rates, affects on how coronavirus has helped the environment, climate and diet, and crispr gene editing. In most of my blogs I focused more on the research and sharing the types of information that I had found while doing my own research to my classmates rather than focusing on my research on an artist. Since the start of the pandemic I have been watching news almost everyday about the coronavirus. And because I am constantly getting information about this virus I find that I would connect a lot of my research or blog post about the effects from the coronavirus. Past few months I have been watching a lot of documentary about our pollution and food processing. So climate and diet has been something that's been on my mind for a while now which is why I have decided to make that as my topic for my final project. 

It was interesting to go back to my old blog posts and see not only my old blogs but also my peers. I found that I used a lot of images and YouTube videos as a guide to help my peers to get a better understanding of the topic as I am personally a visual learner. So in my blogs I would link YouTube videos that explains about a certain topic. For example, for CRISPR I uploaded a video that explains with a use of visuals to explain what it is and what it used for or for the pencil topic I uploaded a video that shows the process of making a pencil.