Final Update

(This is just an update on where I am for my final project)

For my final I will go ahead with the idea I developed for the midterm. I have been in contact with Cydney Vicentina from the Honors177 class. Her midterm proposal can be find here:

As our interests and thought seem to be meeting, we will collaborate on a text for the class publication, and as discussed with Alvaro, we might create a seperate category within the publication for this.

This will be the textual layer were we will merge our research – we are still working in the structure.


I also discussed with Iman Person today that one aspect of my idea meets her interests – working with living material, so this might become a collaboration of the three of us – be it the textual and the physical layer.


For the actual production of the piece (the kombucha scoby masks) I'm fighting against time as my first scoby unfortunantly molded (I'm getting a new one tomorrow, but it takes 8 days to grow the scoby to a good thickness). Considering the remaining time, the physical production of the project will probably stay a proposal the moment the quarter ends. But depending on the deadline for the content of the publication I might be able to produce the mask and do photos.

Cydney, as well as Iman, and me are discussing to take the project beyond class either way and are keen on the thought of synchronized, intercontinental kombucha growth. We think there is some poetry to this that we like to embrace.