Project Update

After the "stay home" policy from the coronavirus I have been just home for a little over two month now. And because I am stuck at home I have been cooking a lot. I've been so used to just either buying food from school or packaged food at grocery stores that I didn't even realize that I haven't actually cooked for myself in a very long time. As I started cooking I came to realize the importance of my diet and how that can relate to our environment. 

This is what turned my attention on my eating habits and how that can affect the environment. I'm not a vegetarian and I'm not vegan. And as much as I would love to be a vegetarian or a vegan I know myself that I just can not. But that doesn't meant that I can't adjust or change my diet. 

So for this final project I will be creating a seven day challenge cards for those who are like myself that wants to start the vegan diet but doesn't know where to start from. It will be a week challenge cards to help someone like myself ( a beginner) to adjust to a lifestyle that is better for your health and our planet. 

These are some of my poster designs that I created:

This week I will be working on designing the cards and mock ups. For my final I will have posters, cards, and possibly app designs ready.