Final Project Update

During the week, Sebastian and I met through the Zoom meeting to work on the collaboration. We have the same theme for reducing plastic wastes but include two different subtopics. For Sebastian, he will focus on "Reshaping beauty" by creating the make-up product like a concealer without harmful chemical substances. My presentation will be focused on designing the package of the concealer without using the plastic. 

For the package, mycelium, a substance that comes from Mushroom fungi, will be used as the material. The waterproof spray will be used in order to avoid leaking. Even though the concealer is cream-based, we are making sure that it does not go through the container. Also, for the colors, we are planning to use the natural color dyeing or paints without toxic chemicals for the covers. Lastly, the name of the product will be "Myconcelium," combing mycelium and concealer into one. 

I designed the package and prototype for "Myconcelium" concealer (images attached below).