Year of the Ox + Plankton

Happy belated Chinese New Year! Hoping the best for the year of the Ox. The most prominent memory I have of an ox or cow is when I saw this highland cattle in a field and just so happened to have my camera on me. I love the highland cow’s fluffy bangs and think they are so funny and cute. I felt like the cow was almost posing for me.


I was researching zodiac related art and came upon “Yùn Tea - Tea Art of the Chinese Horoscope.” The tea product packaging design is specifically based off each sign with a different unique flavor too. The tea flavors are based off each animal’s lucky flower. The side packaging also gives the origin story of the sign and other prominent traits. I think the shape of the tea is really beautifully designed, and I would definitely buy it. 


I also found this cool poster design by Roberto Sanchez. I thought the typography and geometric ox was very well done.

Lastly, back to noise pollution and plankton I found this pitch deck for a web experience called Aquatilis Expedition. Their website is still in progress but is an interactive website exploring plankton. 

Design studio House of van Schneider teamed up with underwater photographer Alexander Semenov and his team to create the brand identity and interactive experience for the Aquatilis Expedition, a three-year interdisciplinary research journey through the world’s oceans. The expedition will be the world’s first global study of gelatinous plankton, small, soft-bodied creatures that are important research subjects but difficult to study because they are too fragile to be harvested and brought back to a lab” (commarts).