Turmeric Paint

On Thursday we learned about Sasha's journey as an artist and bio-materials. I didn't think I would be interested in Sasha's life, but I was dragged in. I could relate to her struggles using harmful supplies since I was ceramic/ sculpture orientated when I first arrived at UCLA. I remember my high school portfolio had a lot of roofing tar in it and I just threw them away after I was done with documenting them. While looking at Sasha's pictures throughout college, I realized that art is a very wasteful field. I'm not trying to say that Sasha's art or art, in general, is wasteful. It's just that people make multiple drafts to achieve what they want their art to look like. For sculpture in particular, sometimes a whole section might be redone.

I think Sasha's efforts in creating art with bio-materials are commendable. I hope she will quickly find an alternative to resin. This girl at my ceramic studio used resin and her face broke out like crazy. I can't imagine what happens to the environment. I think I felt like I could also base my art practice around eco-friendly materials after watching Sasha's presentation.

I already knew about horseshoe crab blood harvesting from reading an article a couple years ago. But I didn't know what they took the blood out from the spine, and that the majority of horseshoe crabs returned to the wild wouldn't live. Soooo depressing. I searched for some images and it looked like a scary factory. Cold metal clamps locked the horseshoe crabs in place. Sometimes I hate how empathetic I am, since it affects my mood and mental state for a long time. But I was shocked by the color of the horseshoe crab's blood. I didn't know it was that saturated.

I didn't receive the blue algae in the mail (I think my neighbors stole my package lol) so I used turmeric instead. I bought the turmeric several years ago to whiten my teeth (which worked!) but it tasted so bad I never tried again. Anyways, I put some turmeric spice and my gel facial cleanser in a small bowl. I thought it was too thick so I added some water, but later it became too thin so I added more turmeric. I thought adding more soap would be boring so I decided to add some honey (since my problem was the consistency. It was still a bit watery but I wanted to try it out so I just left it like that. My sister also seemed interested in what I was doing so I let her try it out too. I decided to document my sister's swatches since they were much neater than mine hahahaha... For the color, I was expecting a mustard yellow or a yellow orange. I thought it was cool to see the "grittiness" of the turmeric on the paper. The pigment was a bit fainter than what I expected but I'm sure it would become stronger if I added more turmeric and/ or let the solution sit. Next time I want to use the slime from aloe. The turmeric would kind of sit at the bottom if I didn't mix it so I think the density of aloe slime would help the turmeric. My sister actually purposely let the paint sit so she could scoop the turmeric settled at the bottom. Smart. Worthy to be my sister. Just kidding. 

*not done yet. insert updates of kombucha and mycelium