Final Bio-Material SCOBY Painting

Week Eleven- Final Project 

Wood Wide Web Mycelium Network Painted on SCOBY Leather with Algae Pigment  

When making komucha I decided to create a bio leather from the SCOBY as well. After 8 weeks of sitting in the dark, my jar formed a fairly thick layer at the top. I even had to separate a baby SCOBY starting to form underneath. I left the SCOBY to dry for several days, and it hardened transforming into a vegan leather bio-material. Afterwards, I made my own paint using the blue algae pigment and mixed it with honey, egg, and water. I painted the mycelium underground network, known as the Wood Wide Web and photographed the painting using a backlit light box. I hope to expand on this and make a full series! I definitely want to make more bio materials and possibly sew with vegan leather in the future too! This process was a lot of fun to create and I'm so happy to have learned about bio-tech and the environment with a design perspective.