Week 6

Year of the Ox + Plankton

Happy belated Chinese New Year! Hoping the best for the year of the Ox. The most prominent memory I have of an ox or cow is when I saw this highland cattle in a field and just so happened to have my camera on me. I love the highland cow’s fluffy bangs and think they are so funny and cute. I felt like the cow was almost posing for me.

Natural Dyes!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this last week’s workshop. It was a great time to me getting to work on the dyes along with my classmates and learning about Kelp from Emma. For my natural dye I decided to use ivy as my choice of invasive species. It was the most accessible plant in my area but it actually worked out quite well.


CRISPR Gene Editing

During the discussion, I found CRISPR​ to be really interesting technology on how it can generate and edit genes and how this can change someones life. Before the discussion in class today I had no idea that there was such a thing. So I did more research on my own and found this video that was about CRISPR and thought was helpful. 

CRISPR, Cyborgian Futures, Neuralink & Stelarc

    As we discussed last class, technologies such as CRISPR are becoming more and more accessible to the general population. Because of this, gene editing and gene modification will become more and more prominent in the near future. But CRISPR is not the only type of tool in which we use technology to enhance and better our lives.


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