Week 7

Connecting the Dots

             During Thursday's class I sat back and from a 1,000 foot view I looked at all the blogs I had written thus far. In my first blog "The Art of Food Starting With Bread" I discussed how food was an artist's tool to express themselves. I mentioned one Instagram artist in particular, Vineyard Baker, and how her work was certainly inspiring in regards to the extent of detail and imagination that went into her edible pieces.

CRISPR - Covid-19 Testing

CRISPR is a technology for editing genomes by cutting targeted specific regions on the DNA sequences. This technique allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function such as correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases. Recently this technique has been used for the Covid19 tests as a possible solution for quicker tests for a wider population.

Week 7: CRISPR

During Week 7, we began focusing on the role of genetics and genetic engineering - specifically in CRISPR, a recently discovered innovative technology that may be (or is already) the key to changing life as we know it. CRISPR allows us to manipulate specific genomes within the genetic code of things such as plants, animals, and even humans.

CRISPR Technology

This week, we discussed CRISPR technology, something I had never seen or heard of before. Because this topic was completely new to me, I was extremely captivated and interested by the lecture. CRISPR essentially “allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function.

Week 7

Week seven of class we discussed about CRISPR technology along with guest speaker Sam who gave a talk about his experience with this technology. CRISPR technology is a powerful tool for editing genomes that is very easy to use and allows researchers to analyze and modify DNA sequences and gene functions.

Politics of Writing in Blood

As I have researched my Final Project of creating printer ink from my own actual blood I discovered a ton of information concerning the politics of blood writing. Blood as a medium has always been confronted with issues such as the binding of contacts and making pacts with entities but one particular option that I found interesting was the use of blood to cement immortality through a socio religious means in a totalitarian political regime. The book I am referring to was written by Saddam Hussein and it was the Holy Koran.

Final Project Update

My inspiration for my final project was to build something with biodegradable electronic components and thus have a sustainable electronic device. DIY projects are a powerful way to reduce consumption and be more self-sufficient while working towards a sustainable future. However, for us that make DIY electronic projects, our options are only working with toxic and damaging electronics.  These components hurt our bodies and environment as they contain toxic levels of lead and other compounds which are released into the air, land, and water (1). 

We are alien stardust, we are viral genes: macro micro reframed

Every creature contains hydrogen atoms and every material element is manufactured in stars through their fusion. We are created from stardust by nuclear fusion, like our myriad siblings – animals, plants, insects, plankton, bacteria and viruses, and we all function together in vibratory fields – bottom up just as nature and nanotechnology works.

Week 7: Contextualizing CRISPR

Sam explained to us last Monday how CRISPR works. He briefly illustrated the mechanism behind the biotech apparatus for gene editing with straightforward diagrams and labels devoid of scientific jargon. Though his explanations were clear, he did not have the time to cover the a full biology course worth of material on genetics and molecular biology. Some of his descriptions require a certain level of prior knowledge.


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