Week 9

Update on Final Project

Over this past week, Sung and I have decided to collaborate under the unifying theme of "Targeting Plastic Pollution". After speaking over Zoom, we have concluded that we will introduce our combined projects with a title slide representing this universal theme and then individually delve into our respective proposals on how we each in our own unique way intend to achieve such goals, myself through the use of mycelium packaging and Sung with remaking plastic waste into household items. 

Extra Credit 1: Spaceship Earth

Over the last weekend, I spent time watching Spaceship Earth and I absolutely loved it...during the beginning. I was so excited and enthusiastic for the group of adventurers when they first successfully completed construction of the Heraclitus and the Buckyball configuration. But as the story slowly started to turn from a positive to negative light, I almost in a way started to resent the quirky voyagers. I started to resent John Allen and Margaret Augustine, the masterminds behind the Biosphere 2 project.

Final Update

(This is just an update on where I am for my final project)

For my final I will go ahead with the idea I developed for the midterm. I have been in contact with Cydney Vicentina from the Honors177 class. Her midterm proposal can be find here: https://www.biotechart.artscinow.com/node/1905

As our interests and thought seem to be meeting, we will collaborate on a text for the class publication, and as discussed with Alvaro, we might create a seperate category within the publication for this.

Week 9: Studio Time

This week, during studio time, I did more research on my project topic. Because I am researching about agriculture’s water usage and impact on our daily lives, I wanted to inform users about the context surrounding certain foods. This class, I focused my research on the almond industry. It was interesting to learn more about almonds because I love eating almonds but I did not know much about their impact, history, or production.

Week 9 - Guest Speaker Kaitlin Bryson

        This week, we are lucky to have Kaitlin Bryson as our guest speaker who gave a presentation of works in class. Studied Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico, she is currently an artist residing in the high deserts of New Mexico. Spending her life in the high deserts as an artist as well as an organic farmer, nature has been the recurring theme of many of Bryon’s art works.

Gene Therapy

Retinitis pigmentosa is a form of blindness due to retinal dystrophy caused by a mutation in the RPE65 gene. This gene is found on chromosome 1 and provides instructions for making a protein that is involved in the visual cycle and converts light into electrical signals. When incoming light hits photosensitive pigment in the retina, 11-cis retinal (vitamin A) changed int all-trans retinal.

Week 9

Week nine, I continued to work on my final project with all the feedback I have received. At this point I did fully commit to changing my project from a book project to making collectible cards for mushrooms. I did this because I felt that doing cards was actually more intriguing that simply a book.

Week 9: still working on projects :)

Week 9 was dedicated to finishing our projects in class and having opportunities to get feedback from the TA and Kaitlin. Thankfully my proposal to change my project from the dual screen device to a set of postcards was me with approval and I began work on creating short video works that could be activated via the Artivive AR app. My focus will have to be on rising sea levels, animal welfare, and air pollution as the Artivive service only allows me to create three artworks for free before requiring me to subscribe at an unreasonably steep price.


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